Because the Haku reveals himself pursuing the final race

Fumirul claims he understands just how Kuon feels on the your and you can shares the same attitude on her

Kuon desperately does not should your going as he starts to fade and then he thank you so much Kuon one another their emotions to have him and because the guy never might have gone yet or complete as often if not on her. It is designed he pushed themselves past their constraints just like the the guy understood if the the guy failed to, Kuon would do thus herself. On Epilogue, Haku seems to Kuon inside the an aspiration and you can says to their one to he could be always been together once the he disappeared and you will apologizes to own and then make the girl feel alone. When she gets right up Springtime enjoys all of a sudden arrived at the fresh town she try staying at and you may Haku have remaining the woman his layer in return for Tessen. This proves which wasn’t only a dream, Kuon states this woman is in the long run trapped to help you him and therefore date wouldn’t lose your.

Haku accepts Hakuowlo’s part and you will revives to keep Kuon and his awesome nearest and dearest, stating that this lady the guy enjoys try needing him

  • Oshtor/Ukon – Ukon discovers Haku intriguing and credible also. Ukon familiarly phone calls your „An-chan (sonny or chap).” He involves trust Haku and just have requires his advice about such „magic missions” when it comes to weird perform. This can be connected with the reality that Haku repaired an excellent damaged water wheel and you will advised Ukon (when the latter receive Haku repairing the latest controls) not to share with Kuon to ensure that she will n’t have him do way more works. Haku believes one to Ukon is merely ruining with your, but people weird jobs in reality are part of Ukon’s plans. When Oshtor assigned your to deliver offers on the troops within the Tuskur, Haku hesitates initially since the guy doesn’t want to help the invaders who are attacking Kuon’s homeland, however, accepts the job. They revealed that Haku is quite fed up with Ukon/Oshtor giving your jobs. Immediately following back into the administrative centre, although not Haku are astonished and you may confused once reading Oshtor’s execution, he expected Oshtor’s choice on allowing themselves is performed and you may making it possible for Vurai for absolute command over Yamato, Haku sure Oshtor to flee the metropolis. Given that Oshtor battles Vurai, Haku considered that Oshtor you can expect to beat him. Finally, Oshtor trusts Haku adequate to give your his cover up when he dies and take more than due to the fact Oshtor.
  • Emperor out-of Yamato/Mito – The guy finds Haku interesting and trustworthy, when he provided your two young women known as the Kamunagi off Stores, of which he does not comprehend the reasoning. The guy rarely meets up the emperor at the a key chamber contained in this the new castle. Whenever Haku pondered from the his years, this new emperor suggests your the truth that Mito and you can Haku are old individuals, this means that the guy recalls flashback out of his forgotten recollections, Haku had children: their old cousin, a niece, with his brother-in-laws. The guy hacked toward studio throughout the first series and you can took the information regarding their browse and you may passed it off to his aunt, the guy even volunteered to have done their brother’s look during the time he had been supposed cooler sleep. Next Haku recognized your Emperor is clearly his sister and this his spouse and you can girl was basically turned into curses. In the event that emperor declared war abreast of Tuskur, Haku disagreed regarding it and failed to understand the reasons. He had been then shocked as he read your emperor is actually assassinated.
  • Anju – They first satisfied when he receive the lady into a shop dining certain snacks, she failed to be aware of the reality so you’re able to „pay”, so Haku paid back the food for her. Haku was amazed whenever Anju is actually brand new princess off Yamato. During the time whenever she questioned him indicates to „seduce” Oshtor, Haku developed the thought of an artificial kidnap so you can lure Oshtor. Just after remembering some fragments away from his previous, the guy observes that Anju is comparable to to help you their niece, he had shocked that Anju is clearly a beneficial „copy” out-of their later relative. Haku took obligations regarding securing Anju immediately after Oshtor hand their hide in order to your up until the latter died. Anju became Haku’s sole cousin live because emperor passed away. He could be close friends.